DIY in Design

I started doing a lot of DIY stuff last year when I was planning my wedding. Every time I saw something I loved I would google and say, “WHAT?! It costs how much?! I can just make it myself!” I ended up designing and making our invitations, RSVP cards, table numbers, pennant banners, flower girl baskets, card box, seating board, and more. And the result was a wedding that looked more expensive than it was… and it was EXACTLY my style. Because of my DIY savings, we were able to splurge a bit on an amazing venue with great catering. A DIY monster was born.

So… why did I choose DIY in Design as the title of my blog? Well, I love watching design shows and I’m constantly trying to decorate our new apartment in a way that shows my style–with just a hint of my husband’s style ; )  When I see something I like on TV, online, or in a story, I often try to make it myself. If I can’t make it myself, I can usually make something comparable or find it cheaper online or in an antique store. So when you see something awesome, but expensive, just do it yourself! If you do it yourself in your own design, not only is it cheaper, but you can personalize it and make it your own! When someone comes over and says “Wow! Where’d you get that?,” you get to see their surprise when you tell them you made it yourself. Sometimes, there’s something you just have to have, but you can’t make yourself. Like an awesome couch or amazing retro dining chairs. When those times come, hopefully you’ve saved enough by doing DIY stuff that you’ve earned a bit of a splurge : ) Just like we did with our wedding! My final reason you should bring DIY into your design is because we all have days when we’re bored and can’t find anything to do. A good DIY project solves that problem and at the end of the day, you have something to show for it! So, if you’re a penny-pincher, if you’re bored, if you can’t find EXACTLY what you want, if you want to impress your friends, or if you just love doing DIY stuff, try putting DIY into your design.

And there I am… with a butterfly : )

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2 thoughts on “DIY in Design

  1. Wow! I love your blog Christine 🙂 And the Chandelier?? Who would have thought that one can make at home something soooooooooooo beautiful and fancy looking 🙂 I am super inspired especially since recently for the first time I saw the show on HGTV called “Save and Spurge.” And they remodeled a couple’s basement into SUCH an awesome room, but they ended up making a bunch of things, like throw-pillows and wall decorations by themselves! It was soooo cool, but it didn’t really give you directions on how to make those things! You have step by step instructions for dummies like me 🙂 So your blog is even better than that show – thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kate! That’s one of only a few HGTV shows I haven’t seen yet. I’ll have to give it a try 🙂 You should totally get into doing DIY stuff. I love it and it’s making our apartment decor look much more expensive than it is haha For my next project I’m actually going to be making some throw pillows for our guest room!

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